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slenderman and granary and logs and wagon wheel

Legends of the woods: slenderman


Legend: Slenderman once inhabited the woods that were part of the property that is now The Haunted Mill. The owner’s grandchildren started the tale when an old sketch of the granary that hung in their house (seen here) seemed to look like Slenderman. The grandchildren pointed this out during a work meeting. The owners and most of the board of directors the mill believe Slenderman to be a current pop-culture legend and nothing more and everything presented circumstantial and the product of over-active imaginations.

There is one vote of descent among the board on this matter. Her research led her to find that the legend of Slenderman didn’t start on the internet. It was likely a changed version of a legend that existed hundreds of years before the internet. A figure like him is part of almost every culture. While the stories of his origin vary with each culture, there are parts that are consistent: appearance and location. The appearance matches the current version a tall man with long arms and a blank face. The clothing varies from culture to culture. He is typically seen in or near areas with lots of trees.

It is suspected by the one board member that the picture may actually be a warning handed down generations from ancestors who suspected the presence of “Slenderman”, but likely knew of him from an older legend. The area on which the granary stands was once covered with plum and quaking aspen trees.


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