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Miller's Mine

Legend: The mine that is part of The Haunted Mill is haunted by the miners who killed and covered up the murder of the members of a homesteading party funded by Albert Miller. The miners erroneously thought the party was coming to the town to mine, not homestead. They slaughtered them to protect the unclaimed land that may contain gold from being discovered by anyone other than themselves. When they realized their mistake it was too late, so they slaughtered and the entire party, even the women and children, to hide their crime. The bodies were burned on the ground above the mine.

The miners at some point dug a mine where the bodies had been burned, convinced that it was the spot in the area that contained gold. The mine, however, would never be completed. It reached the length it is today: 302 feet. The same number as the people killed in the Miller Party. The miners who were working on the mine would disappear. Those who were left assumed it was because someone in the group of miners was now killing their own. Some miners believed it was the vengeful spirits of the Miller Party. Most of the miners, however, thought it was a mountain lion who preferred human prey. Eventually, the mine was abandoned. However, ghosts of the miners and Miller party have been sighted over the years in and around the mine.

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