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girl caught in webs

the labyrinth


Legend:  An unnamed woman approached the owners of the mill about a field of tall prairie grass located on the mill grounds. She called the area The Labyrinth. Wishing for anonymity, the owners have only revealed her story, not her name. This woman believed there to be a small area in The Labyrinth that swallows anything that stands there. She revealed this is how she lost her sister, Lily.  She explained she had heard legend, before her sister's  disappearance, that animals were known  to wander into the grass and then vanish without a sound.  “That is the worst part about it,” she said.  “When my sister disappeared, she never made a sound.  You would think if she fell in the river or someone took her, or she fell down a hole that you would have heard something.  There would have been a splash, a scream, a slip, a struggle, the dry grass crunching under running feet, but there was nothing:  Nothing, but the feeling that I shouldn’t be there; that someone was watching me; the feeling…that I should run.”  Her face was so pale and disturbed as she uttered her last sentence that the owner agreed that he would not allow people into The Labyrinth, as long as she lived.  Upon her passing, The Haunted Mill expanded the tour into the grassy area after thoroughly checking and finding no abnormalities in the soil.



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