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sketch of the teton flour mill with saw mill and suspension bridge

The Haunted Mill, Inc. is family owned and operated and is based out of Teton, Idaho.  ...Click image for more details.

historic mill, side with windows, oppostie waterwheel side, trees

About The Haunted Mill

The Haunted Mill is the largest attraction of its kind in Eastern Idaho. The setting is an authentic, historic flour mill, which is the scene for many local legends. The mill itself is four levels. You will visit all four levels during your tour, but your tour will not stop at the mill. You will also explore the mill grounds which includes the original log granary, an underground mine, and all the area in between –which includes a wooded area, a maze, a waterfall, a suspension bridge and more. The entire tour will be swarming with monsters and creatures that will make our guests look forward to their nightmares. The entire tour is included in the price of your admission ticket.


The Haunted Mill invites you to experience the largest and most terrifying attraction in Eastern Idaho for yourself by visiting us during any of our business hours.



Built in 1890 by James Siddoway, Robert Siddoway and James Briggs, the Siddoway Briggs Co.: Financed by James Briggs. ...Click image for more details.


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