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grain, wood, boards

the crib: part 2

Legend: Some whispers a few patrons hear while going through the mill are not actors or recordings, but an actual ghost who made his first appearance many years before the mill became a haunted attraction. The support for this legend involves the tragic passing of Jacob Wright. During the 1930s the supervisor of the mill, Jacob Wright, claimed there was a prankster ghost who was constantly harassing him.  Jacob said he could hear the ghost whispering as well as causing accidents and trouble for Jacob. Jacob disappeared one day, but his body was later found buried in the grain silo. Many workers became convinced that Jacob became a victim of a prank pulled by the ghost that he thought was plaguing him.  Others wrote it off as a terrible accident, but nothing more. Yet, since then, others have also claimed to have heard the whispers and some have claimed to have seen the ghost of a man up in the rafters of the now empty grain silo.  Some believe it is the prankster ghost still trying to pull tricks and others think that Jacob now haunts the place of his tragic death.


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