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white dog also known as the ghost dog

psychotic suspension bridge


Legend: A white dog of unknown origins has been visiting people at the mill since it opened in 1997. The dog appears on the suspension bridge while patrons are touring the mill. Side note: Yes, there is a real suspension bridge in this haunted attraction. As you walk across the bridge, you can actually see the water flowing below. If that isn't bad enough, you also can feel the mist off of Blood Falls blowing onto your face; these two attractions are just that close to each other. Combine Blood Falls and the Psychotic Suspension Bridge, throw in the darkness and the dog, and you're in for a freaky ride. The dog also hangs around the bonfire and eats leftover treats. The dog does not seem to age. It is only seen at night. The dog doesn’t photograph. The dog has been known to vanish into thin air. The first year of operation some guests actually claimed to have pet the enormous white dog.


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