In the summer of 2020, The Haunted Mill implemented many measures to prevent the spread of Covid19 during its 2020 and 2021 season. Many of these things have or are happening behind the scenes, as to not distract from our attraction. These will be things such as sanitizing surfaces frequently and so on. However, while we are operating, there will be some things you will notice. You will notice we have increased the length and capacity of our line to allow groups in line to distance from one another. Most of the time that groups will be near one another will be outside, but again we have increased the line capacity to allow for groups to social distance. Our staff will also be wearing masks. We are asking our patrons to help us with this by having their groups social distance in line. We have always distanced our groups from one another when they are inside the attraction. (Because of the nature of our attraction, we've ask people stay 30 feet from the group in front of them since we opened in 1997.) We are also requesting that our patrons to wear a mask inside the building.