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granary storm lightning and graves  in tall grass

the crib


Legend: Two brothers, both still living, claim the granary or crib as we call it, is haunted by a young boy who is probably seven-years-old. Sometime in the 50s the brothers were working near the mill. They saw the boy run across the bridge and towards the granary (crib). They followed to warn him the granary is dangerous and not a place to hide or play. They called to him through a crack in the door, but he just giggled and asked them to come in and look at his marble collection. They slid open the door just enough to see him start to climb the grain elevator ladder. The brothers pursued him warning him of the dangers, but he kept going to the top. When the two brothers reached the top, the boy was not there, only a small box filled with marbles. That was the only time the brothers saw this little boy. But, the brothers, the owners of the mill, their children, and now their grandchildren have been finding marbles around the mill and granary ever since.



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