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Legends of the woods: masks


Legend: A young immigrant boy and girl from Denmark are said to haunt the grounds of the mill. The boy disappeared on the morning of Fastelavn. (Fastelavn was a festival held by protestants from Denmark. The children celebrating the festival would traditionally dress in bright clothing with white masks or faces and solicit treats and food for their evening feast from their neighbors.) The boy was never found. The only trace of his disappearance was his footsteps in the snow that lead (and stopped) at a large choke-cherry tree in a field by the mill. His sister claimed she would often see him. in the shadow of the moon, dragging a large sack towards the tree, wearing his festival clothes and white mask. His sister also disappeared three years late on the morning of the festival. She too was never found. Over the years there have been sightings of the two children near the choke cherry tree. (The tree, for some reason, is still alive and wasn’t removed when the area was deforested and made into fields and pasture.) White masks have also been seen hanging from the tree, typically in February.  











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