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young girl old photo near a boulder

The Lady in White

Legend: The ghost of a young woman wanders mill and surrounding area. The ghost is believed to be Eloisa McKinnon, who was arranged to be marred to Tom Nelson. Tom was strange and old enough to be Eloisa’s father. Subsequently, Eloisa was against the marriage. Her parents, however, hoped the arrangement would help their failing farm. Eloisa begged her parents to call off the wedding. They refused. The wedding day was set for some time in October. Feeling trapped, Eloisa ran away as she was being fitted with her wedding dress. Her body was recovered in the mill race, after plummeting to her death from the third-floor window. As the legend goes, Eliosa’s spirit repeats the events of her death every year on the day she died. She has also been seen wandering the mill and grounds throughout the fall. Witnesses claimed she still wears the white dress.


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