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witch with snake eyes in a swamo with a black crow

Legends of the woods: teeth & claws


Legend: A witch, or more likely a victim of a witch hunt, haunts the grounds. A woman with yellow eyes wearing a grey robe has been seen wandering the lower land of the mill. The yellow-eyed woman lived in a small log cabin below the mill when the land was heavily wooded and often flooded with ground water. She sold homemade remedies and charms made from alligator parts (typically the teeth and claws). It seems people enjoyed her products and let her do her thing until a man was found slashed in the river. His friend, who was fishing with him, claimed the “witch” could summon supernatural, yellow-eyed alligators to do her bidding. He said he saw yellow eyes before his friend fell in the river and drown. The slashes, that looked a lot like wounds from a fishing knife, must be from the alligators. Sadly, no one questioned his story and the woman was also drown by a vigilante mob. There have been reports of glowing yellow eyes around the lower land of the mill since her death.

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